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About Us: Unlock Your Life and Income Resource

We have two main offerings that cover the scenarios sketched below:

They are:

Unlock Your Life University: Guidance for understanding your relationship with your inner world.
Unlock your Income University: Guidance for understanding your relationship with your income.

When we’re willing to explore living our optimal life, an exploration journey commences, that has no boundaries and ultimately leads to living as a free spirit, where the possible consequences of our actions stop haunting us.

The journey usually commences when we realize the life we’ve created for ourselves does not serve us anymore.

We might have a life where we’re generally unhappy with our state of affairs.

We might even have fallen into serious hardship with the life we’ve created.

We might even have an above average life, yet any of the aforementioned still applies.

The essence is this:

Our life journey entails liking what we do, moment for moment.

How do you answer this about your life: Are your Eyes Barely Alive?

We might be trapped in our lives and have no idea what is happening to us.

We might want to make adjustments, but we do not know which adjustments to make.

Then there is the possibility that we do see that our lives don’t serve us, and want to make adjustments, yet we cannot see our way forward financially.

We could be working conventionally and need that income to live from.

If we left our conventional job, we could not sustain ourselves.

And if we continued working conventionally, we’d hardly have time to attend to liking what we do.

Certainly a catch 22:

There is also the possibility that we see clearly what our life is about, though living or wanting to live that requires resources that we do not have, even if we have sufficient funds.

We might be sitting with another concern. We create something that we’d want to sell. And we do not have the know-how or funding or marketing ability to reach the audience we’d want to.

To cater for the above, the following initiatives are available:

Life Can Be Different

The theme of this site is:.

Firstly, it provides the underlying seed that life can be different and provides content to illustrate why.

Secondly, it promotes the book, Life Can Be Different: CONCEPTION.

Thirdly, it is the home for future books on the theme.


The theme of this site is:.

It promotes #LiveGreenSmart the home of our other offerings.

Unlock Your Health University: Guidance for understanding your relationship with your health.

Unlock Your Lifestyle University: Guidance for understanding your relationship with your lifestyle at home and with our environment.


Each of the aforementioned initiatives address any of the likely states you might find yourself in.

These initiatives contribute towards part of the vision of:

“Establishing a culture to develop our collective human spirit, incorporating the earth plane and spirit world” and has at its foundation, that we unlock our life.

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