Why do you daydream?

Why do you have a subconscious?

Daydreams and our subconscious work together like this.

Due to us not living our intended life, our self-chosen life, the person who we are at our core ‘speaks’ to us via our daydreams.

Our daydreams portray to us what exists in our subconscious.

Our subconscious contains the person who we are at our core, and contains the behaviour of the person we are at our core.

From a young age I yearned for a specific relationship. Several years later I had a glimpse of how I’d have liked my life to be. Later I wondered how I’d ultimately prefer to make a living.

As can be seen my experiences with these three items were telling me something:

  • relationship
  • making a living
  • lifestyle

During this time I was not consciously aware why I had these daydreams, desires and why I wondered about certain things.

In fact I wasn’t aware consciously that I had the aforementioned.

Much later I became aware though, when desperately unhappy and I dived deep to uncover the source of my unhappiness and made it my business to resolve my unhappiness.

This came about through lots of introspection and painstakingly getting to know myself. Over time I developed an intimate understanding of myself.

I understood my subconscious, my desires, and my daydreams.

Through the introspection and soul searching I came to realise something else too.

I eventually saw the dynamics at play and how my life worked.

Furthermore, I understood what I wanted with my life, saw how I’d want to make a living. And what stood in my way of having the relationship I desired from a young age.

It became clear that I had now developed a knack of understanding my life. I developed a knack of understanding the dynamics at play in understanding myself, in a way to get beyond the everyday aspects, enabling me to make sense of things influencing my life.

Mastering these enabled me even further. So that I am able to facilitate others too, who want to understand themselves, their daydreams and become intimately familiar with their subconscious.

Let me digress a little.

During this introspection I noticed that in my conventional job, during problem solving, I instinctively looked for the root cause. I also noticed others usually treated symptoms. Though my approach took longer to solve, the resolution was long-lasting.

The same had happened with my introspection. I instinctively didn’t stop at the symptoms. I looked for the root cause and addressed that, therefore achieving a long-lasting outcome.

This is available to YOU.

You too can achieve whatever you set your mind on.

Back to our daydreams!

The key to uncovering what is locked in our subconscious is to understand our daydreams.

A caution though! Our daydreams are not what they seem. Due to our initial limited understanding of our daydreams, we understand them superficially. We understand them from our conscious understanding, though they are born from our subconscious. Thus we need to first understand our subconscious to accurately understand our daydreams.

What are you to do in the meantime?

First is to acknowledge you want to understand your daydreams, even if you do not know where to start.

Second, acknowledge that if you knew where to start you might not because you might lack the courage.

Then, acknowledge that though you want to and might lack the courage, that you want to cultivate the required courage.

Aforementioned is in your reach. Starting with the initial steps of acknowledging your existing position, is all that is required, to start the journey one slow intentional step at a time.