We are able to set ourselves free from the influence of circumstances.

Our lives then become specific to us and not incidental. We then steer our lives where we’d like to go and not incidental to the circumstances we encounter.

There are vital points though.

When we steer our lives free of the circumstances, we maintain our inner peace. Our lives are based on us being okay. Our lives are based on not needing anything else first to be okay. Thus we’re okay with ourselves no matter what.

To free ourselves from our circumstances, thereby attaining inner peace, we need to see why the converse exists in our lives.

Seeing why we do not have inner peace, gives us the tools to shift.

Where do we shift to?

To our life purpose!

Once we see why we live without continuous inner peace we’re also able to see what our chosen life purpose is.

Most of us are not aware of the dynamics taking place in our lives.

For instance, the dynamics of: circumstances driving our lives; looking externally to be okay within ourselves; what our life purpose is; why we get angry, irritated and frustrated.

To uncover these dynamics and to shift our lives so we live out our life purpose, what are we to do?

Firstly, acknowledge that we want to set ourselves FREE even though we do not know how, even though we might not understand the dynamics.

Secondly, read the FREE eBook Living My Optimal Life: Demystified to see the 6 steps required to uncover our essence and live optimally.

So, after acknowledging that we want to free ourselves, even though we don’t know how, and thereby uncovering our chosen life purpose – which enables us to live optimally – to live with inner peace – to see what that entails, read the aforementioned eBook.

Thereby not only attaining inner peace, we also set ourselves free to uncover and live our self-chosen life purpose.